Care and Feeding of a Robot

I had the honor and privilege to speak at the first ever Laravel conference. After my talk I had a few people ask me about my slides so I wanted to share those and give little insight into them.

First off I was doing my presentation on a actual product. So I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t presented as a sales pitch. Instead I wanted to just share some good tips and some of the things we had learned throughout the process of building it. So for that I wanted to step away from all the branding that we currently use for Snappy.

For the design I based everything around two fonts. Veneer as the primary and Thirsty Script as a secondary font. Once I locked in my fonts I decided on using the color scheme that Yellow Design had in the font screen shots. I knew it would compliment the fonts nicely and look professional. From here I just made everything match and be super big.