As I’m sure you are aware I’ve taken a little sabbatical from the rebuilding Wardrobe series. Before I started the series I asked Chris Pitt for some advice since he has done it before. He said:

The rebuilding series’ are a huge load. Anything upsets their schedule.

That did in fact happen and put me way off schedule.

Also a minor issue is I am building this with Laravel 5 which is just in alpha. So keeping up with changes in it and developing a new app was too time consuming. With all that I’m going to take a few more weeks off and plan to resume in November.

I appreciate all the interest in the series and I hope it continues to go well once I resume.

4 thoughts on “ Rebuilding Wardrobe – Sabbatical ”

  1. Yeah I’ve been patiently waiting for the series to continue. But also having started an app in L5 and having everything break as things change I’ve decided to wait. I didn’t anticipate the extent of changes that have come!


  2. I tried 2 times to develop my side project in L5. Now i am back in L4 as it was impossible to deal with L5 alpha issues. And i think in the long run i’ll be faster writing in L4 currently and later migrate to L5. There is no such big difference…


  3. I was reading through those posts today and did wonder why there weren’t any more. L5 is an ever evolving beast and even though you have had a head start, it is probably better to wait for everything to iron out.

    I really can’t wait to see what you do with Wardrobe as I have been using your current version for almost a year now and it suits my current needs, but it’s always nice to see it grow.


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