Dear left lane drivers,

I’m sorry but I have a deep down hatred for you. I have driven almost 600 miles over the past two days and you annoy me to no end.

The proper way to drive on an interstate is to remain in the far right lane until you need to pass, at that point move out, pass a vehicle and move back over.

By failing to move you are making the roads more dangerous. Others then have to swerve in and out of multiple lanes to get around you and the person driving beside you.

So please move right, this keeps everything running smoothly and prevents road rage.

4 thoughts on “ Left Lane Drivers ”

  1. Yes. Slower Traffic Keep Right. Here in Florida, you can now be stopped by police for holding up traffic in the left lane. Even if you are driving over the speed limit. Take Eric’s advice and move over!


  2. Imagine this scenario. Sometimes I am mid-pass going over/at the speed limit, and another individual behind me is speeding to the point as they are directly behind me in a matter of seconds.

    Are you submitting that I should forfeit my position to this (I would argue dangerous) driver? Normally, I do not relent in these situations until I’ve completed my pass. Sometimes it’s 10 cars. This usually makes the person behind me very angry.


    1. I think it depends on the road. I ran into a lot of situations where I had to pass on the right because the two left lanes was blocked up. Granted this was a large road but in that situation it became a race to pass on the right before catching up to the next car in that lane.


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