Lately I’ve had to integrate Stripe a few times and I keep having to visit their test card page over and over to copy and paste failed cards. Today I finally had enough and threw together a little helper that you can add to a Laravel blade file.

@if (App::environment('local'))
var $el = $("#card-number");
window.stripeData = {
valid: function() {
successAddressFail: function() {
successZipFail: function() {
fail: function() {
failNumber: function() {
failCVC: function() {
failExpired: function() {
failProcessingError: function() {

With this when you view the credit card form you can open console and type stripeData. and have autocomplete of whatever failed message you want to test for.

I know this is super simple but it helped me so I think it’s worth sharing.

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