Last week I moved my Laravel Newsletter off a self hosted newsletter application and over to Campaign Monitor. While I was working on the move I remembered a post by Ryan Battles on how to integrate one-click Twitter signup and decided to set it up.

Integration was super easy and in fact it would even work with the self hosted app Sendy if you have an SSL. I didn’t.

To get started I filled out all the instructions and downloaded Ryan’s free psd template. A few minutes of customizing and I was up and running.


I pushed the Twitter card live on November 28th and have already seen good results. In five days, around a holiday, I added over 100 new subscribers from just the card. I assume that is a decent number.

I am curious to see how it works over a longer time frame or if this is just a short term gimmick.

4 thoughts on “ Twitter Cards for One-Click Newsletter Signups ”

  1. hehe, found this blog post from a mailing list I started last week called Currently checking through edition two when this article popped up and now I’m thinking of using Sendy and Campaign Monitor. And I was also wondering how to setup the subscribe button!


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Cool idea. I’m actually surprised to be in the top 1,000 🙂

      The twitter cards will work with either Sendy or Campaign Monitor. The only difference is with Sendy you have to setup your own SSL cert. Twitter requires the SSL.

      Of course pricing is also much different. With around 3,000 subscribers Sendy was costing me like $3 a month for SES. Compared to Campaign Monitor being $59 a month.

      I think Mailchimp is also free up to a certain number of subscribers and they support this as well.

      A lot of options to look through before deciding 🙂 Let me know if I can help you in any way.


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