I haven’t played golf in year but had the luxury of playing with some friends  on Monday. One of the guys took a slo-mo video of my swing and sent it to me. The way I pictured myself swinging, versus how I actually swing is completely different. I do have an injured right elbow that can not bend which makes golf even more awkward.

Maybe if I start working on it now I’ll be ready for the senior PGA tour?

3 thoughts on “ Slow Motion Golf Swing ”

  1. There’s an app on android (and I think iOS for those weird folks) called V1 Golf. Look into getting it just so you can draw on the video to see if your head is moving. Swinging easier may not stop the head from moving. May want to try shortening the backswing a bit as I think that is what is most making your head move. Going to have to experiment though.

    Now I have to post vids of my swing 😛


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