Ever since a man came down the mountain carrying the first todo list, we have been in search of finding the perfect system for keeping up with our todos. In modern times we have calendars, pencil and paper systems, and more digital todo apps than stars.

I think I’ve tried them all. From the minimal with clear, to wunderlist, to the super advanced of Omnifocus. Nothing is perfect.

A few weeks back I decided to start the search again. At one point, I had four different apps installed and duplicated all my tasks between them. That got old really fast but it helped me whittle down the list to my final choice of Todoist.


I use my todo’s much different than most. I use for it everything from keeping a read later list, to email follow ups, and then typical work/personal reminders. But one feature I really wanted was the ability to set due dates with the time on tasks. The natural language of entering dates makes this really nice.

Todoist Karma
Todoist Karma

The tipping point for me was the gamification aspect of Todoist. By getting points for completing tasks it subconsciously forces me to create tasks that are actionable and can be accomplished.