How are sales today is a new app created by Andrey Butov at Antair and it’s designed to be a simple way of keeping up with your sales through the Stripe API.

The app gives you a quick overview of revenue, MRR, ARR, and more. You can also switch between today, this month, and the year to get insights into how your business is running.

I asked Andrey why he created this app:

I wanted a simple way to see my daily and monthly sale numbers at a glance, without having to log into a website and look through a mountain of metrics. I designed HAST precisely to do just that. It runs quietly in the system tray or menu bar, and I can see my sales, refunds, trials signups, and cancellations, at a glance, without stopping what I’m doing. I also added desktop notifications as a convenience feature, to be notified right away when someone buys something or signs up for a new trial.

All private data remains on your machine and data is never sent to any third party servers. The app is made for Windows and Mac and runs in the menu bar.

Setup is simple. After installing the app, you enter your private Stripe API key:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.58.25 AM
Stripe Setup

Then after a few moments of syncing it shows you all the information:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.02.45 PM
Example Yearly Revenue

What is nice about this app is that it’s affordable for any size business. Check it out and quickly keep tabs on your business.

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