Switching to WordPress.com

Right around the Christmas break, I decided it was time to revive this site. I had an idea for a blog post and I logged in to create it. Instantly I was hit with the dreaded, “you have updates”, message. I ran through updated the core, then the plugins, and by the time it was over I had lost interest in what I was actually going to write about.

After this, I decided it was time for a change and you might say laziness took over. I did want to host it, I didn’t want to update it, and most of all I didn’t want to worry about it. So that left the typical SaaS choices. Squarespace, WordPress.com, etc.

Since I was already on WordPress I just stuck with it. I already knew the setup and it was the path of least resistance.

Almost two months after making this switch I’m so glad I did. I no longer have to worry about the constant bombardment of people trying to hack the site, worry about multiple plugins breaking, and ensuring all my data is backed up.

I give them money, and they handle it. It’s a beautiful system.

There are some downsides but I haven’t hit them yet because of this being my personal playground. WordPress.com restricts editing themes, I can’t add JavaScript and forms, (outside of their contact form), but I can edit the CSS, and with the business plan pick any theme I want. Commercial or free. This site has gone through many many different themes over the years and that is a huge selling point for me. This site is literally like a box of chocolates, it’s possible every time you visit it’ll look different.

The conversion was also simple and it impressed me. I did an export from my existing site and uploaded that file. Moments later all the content and images had been transferred. The part that really shined was moving the domain. I had to set the name server and they automatically carried over all my other records. I had a bunch and I was dreading that part.

As I’m getting older, the fun of tinkering with and hosting my own sites is dwindling. Some will call me lazy, but I just want to share and get back to the things more important in my life.