WordPress announced today that the wordpress.com service now supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) initiative.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are just like any other HTML page, but with a limited set of allowed technical functionality that is defined and governed by the open source AMP spec. Just like all web pages, Accelerated Mobile Pages will load in any modern browser or app webview. AMP files take advantage of various technical and architectural approaches that prioritize speed to provide a faster experience for users. The goal is not to homogenize how content looks and feels, but instead to build a more common technical core between pages that speeds up load times.

There is also a WordPress plugin available for self-hosted installs.

I haven’t dug into the AMP documentation, but I do find it funny that we have failed so bad at creating websites that a new standard is needed to speed it up.

6 thoughts on “ WordPress now supports AMP ”

  1. This sounds like a new version of having an alternate “mobile theme” on your site. It will probably work fine for out of the box WP themes but anyone with customizations will likely have to tweak their code to work with AMP.
    Though, I’m just learning about AMP today. Anyone with more knowledge, please correct me where I’m wrong.


    1. This post was for the WordPress.com service but I believe amp is just a trimmed down view which basically means it’s not customized. I’ve seen a few plugins for it already and should “just work”.


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