It seems 2018 is the year where everyone is writing about quitting social media. If not quitting, then at least taking a step away and attempting to regain some sanity in life.

I’ve read that some are deleting the apps but keeping their presence, others are making it read-only, some unfollowing everyone and the truly fed up deleting it entirely.

I decided to take a hybrid approach in 2018 because I honestly have too many accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. It’s not possible to spend the time and effort on all these when it’s not a full-time​ job.

What I have done is unfriended​ everyone on Facebook making it a read only affair where I’ll share what I write here and other things I find interesting, but I’m done going through the feed and feeling uneasy on what I see. Instagram will remain but not a focus.

The one I plan to keep is Twitter because, ​for all the bad, it still has been a huge benefit to me personally. I’ve become virtual friends with people all over this world and that is something I don’t think I can duplicate anywhere else.

Facebook is the place for people I knew 20 years ago, Twitter is the place for today’s friends that share many of the same interests. It is my water cooler, my daily treat, and it’s where I actually get thoughtful commentary. To all my followers thank you!

P.S. Betteridge’s law strikes again! 🙂