Every year many of us make a list of goals that we want to accomplish in the new year. Everything from losing weight, to finishing that side project, to building a deck on the back of the house. We all have our own desires.

One thing you should consider is adding constraints to​ the mix. For example, if you have a goal of finishing that side project, add a constraint of a time frame, or a certain number of minutes each day.

Instead of getting less done the constraint metaphorically “puts your back to the wall” and causes you to jump in and get it done. Think about the last time you had all day to get something finished. Chances are it took you all day. Even though the task might only take an hour of solid work.

Beyond getting things done it also drives creativity. Think back to being in school, where all you had was a notebook and number 2 pencil. Because of only those tools being available I created some of the best drawings, doodles, and art of my life.

Of course, this is just a few examples but think of other constraints you can add to your goals and see how much more creative and driven you are.

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