The Bear Writing app by Shiny Frog has become my go-to​ application for note taking, research, and even writing new articles and posts. It’s always had a really nice dynamic tagging system that would turn tags into categories or section.

With their latest release, they’ve taken this a step further and added icons to help give you a quick visual representation of what each tag is.

The only downside is in the announcement they didn’t include what all words they used to map to the icons. Luckily the community went in and found the list.

The first resource is a blog post by Gary Bacon that includes a lot and then a second site called play code, this has a single list. Big thank you to both of them and Dj Chuang for pointing them out.

I’ve also taken​ Gary’s list and moved it to a Gist that way if we find any missing people can request more through comments or by forking.

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