Once you come up with an idea when do you start sharing it?

I’ve seen two types of people. Those that hold everything in secrecy and make one big announcement when it’s complete and ready. Then the other that shares​ or leak out little pieces as they are working on it.

The first style of doing in secrecy is nice in that if you lose interest or decide to switch gears, then no one knows. You don’t have to worry about letting people down, but it lacks the public accountability.

Sharing as you progress builds momentum and has the potential to pull in more interested people as you go. The downside is the opposite of the first style. If you fail to deliver, then you are left with apologizing and feeling like a failure in public. Usually though an apology is all that is required if you decide to pivot or lose interest.

I’ve been a part of both styles of launches, and I like sharing as I go. Talking about what I’m passionate about means more content and the ability to not only show my stuff but to hopefully help other people. If I come across one tip in the process and by sharing it helps just one person, I consider it a success.

That is all business really is. Helping people.

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