The folks over at toggl created a humorous email generator for freelancers that features two sliders for how much they want to pay you, (from nothing to way too much), and for how professional you want the tone of your response.

Freelance Email Generator
Example of the Freelance Email Generator

The email for this option comes out as follows:

Hi there,

I don’t usually work for exposure, however I’ve got an alternative offer for you.

I’ll charge you my usual fee but give a $100 rebate for every new paying client this work brings in over the next few months. If we manage to break even, I can even offer a commission on new clients!

Now, I get why you may not want to take this offer.

There isn’t any guarantee you would get your money back. Now think about it this way – this is almost the same deal you’re offering. With exposure, there is no guarantee that it will lead to paying work.

If you’re not willing to take the deal I offered to you, why would you expect me to take the offer to pay with exposure?

Sure it’s meant as a parody but still fun to play around with. They just need more emails so they randomly change as you move around the sliders.

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