I’ve been an Apple fan since I moved from Windows XP to the Mac and I’ve never looked back. Having stuff “just work” was the main reason and after all these years they’ve really not let me down.

The newest product that I got last year is the AirPods and they are by far the best headphones I’ve ever owned. From the simplicity of the charging case to the sturdiness of how they remain in your ears. They are a fantastic product.

I use them while working, while mountain biking, running, anything and everything in between and they just magically stay in your ears. It’s uncanny.

My only complaint is the case and headphones do not hook into “find my iPhone” and although I’ve never had a problem of losing mine I always have that worry in the back of my mind, especially with their premium price.

I will say they are the best piece of tech I bought in 2017 and they just work.

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