Since watching this crash live last Saturday I’ve been thinking about what a dumb move it was on the part of Roczen. Of course, I don’t really fault him because I’ve been there and done that.

When someone slights you, in this case, a block pass in the previous corner, your initial reaction is 100% anger and you snap. All you can think about is getting them back and you will do everything in your power to do that.

Just as the video shows this is never a good idea. In this crash, ​Roczen’s arm went inside the other guy’s​ swingarm and from what I’ve heard he broke his arm and got some nasty wheel burns. His season is over.

I keep comparing the reaction Roczen had to what I’ve seen with Ryan Dungey. Dungey would have let them have the position, would have remained calm, and he had this uncanny ability to focus on the championship. Not the individual race.

The next time you get slighted and you feel like snapping just remember the end goal. If you blow your top chances are you’ll do way more damage than taking a step back and addressing the situation through clear eyes.

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