Yesterday, Twitter announced it was going to abandon the official Twitter Mac App and as a user of Tweetdeck I don’t care that much. However, I noticed a few weeks ago I tried to respond to a person with an animated GIF and it completely failed. It didn’t even include the @ account of the person I was replying too. I’m what I would consider a power user and at that point the app made me look an idiot to all of my followers and I was honestly a little frustrated.

I do worry Twitter is starting down a slippery slope. I don’t use Facebook because on the Mac they want you to use the browser and you are forced to use a feed that isn’t chronological. Twitter has remained my go-to​ ​because third-party​ apps allow me to get the experience I desire. I’m worried it’s just a matter of time until that isn’t the case and then I’ll be forced to either adapt or quit. The latter​ being way more convenient and probably better for me overall​.

I would miss my friends but I’m sure we’d figure something out to stay in touch.

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