This is my current iPhone home screen and a few times a year I like to take a screenshot just to see what changes and how my patterns move. With the screenshot let me explain why I have the apps that I do and why they are set up​ like this.

The first two rows and not really used. I have the apps because there is a chance I might open them but mainly they are used to just push the others down so I can access them easier with one hand.

The third row features Safari, Tweetbot, Calculator, and​ Strava. Safari is my primary browser on the Mac and iOS, then I use Firefox for dev work. Tweetbot for getting social, the calculator I use all the time and Strava for working out.

​The next row features Pocket, Spotify, Bear (black icon), and Reeder. Outside of Spotify, these haven’t been getting a lot of use lately. I just haven’t felt like reading or making notes on the phone when I’m usually within reach of a computer or a notebook.

Next, we have Audible, Slack, Day One, and Todoist. I love Audible, Day One, and Todoist. Slack is needed for work so it gets a home, but I’d prefer to not even have it on the phone.

Finally, in the bottom bar, ​I have Airmail, Messages, Telegram, and Kindle. I keep switching between Airmail and Inbox by Google and now that I’ve used Airmail for a few weeks I’m missing Inbox. The searching in the official app is just so much better, but it doesn’t have integrations for things like Todoist. I’m pretty certain I’ll never find a perfect email app.

So there you have it. My current home screen as of February 22nd, 2018. ​If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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