On the Strava blog they have just highlighted an artist and runner named Owen Delaney who creates these wonder map images after his runs:


In the interview when asked about the process, Owen says:

I’ve always enjoyed looking at maps, but now I’ve got a good excuse for it! I’ve been finding more and more inspiration online from the map makers of years gone by, and a lot of the daily maps are following their styles, with the 17th & 18th century being my favorite eras. It amazes me how accurate they were hundreds of years ago, without all the technology we have today. So with that research, I tend to have an idea for how I want the map to look before I’ve been for my run (or occasional walk, I’ve not got the legs for running every day…), and with limited free time, I try to keep them pretty quick to do.

I personally find that using competition against friends inspires me to push harder and keep working out, but I love the idea of tying it to a creative act so you aren’t reliant on others.

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