Growing up I raced motocross from the time I was about six up until my early twenties. I’m competitive and especially so on two-wheeled​ objects. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters, anything. Since I don’t race competitively any longer I miss that competition and in the past, ​the only way to get that back is to have friends to ride with you that will push you.

But now we have Strava, and all our times are logged and tracked. It’s turned every single ride into a competition and we are all pushing each other as hard as we can. I personally enjoy it, the smack talk, the crashing from riding over our heads, the planning certain routes so you have fresh legs on a certain trail. I think it’s awesome.

Apparently, some people are taking this way too far and are starting to actually damage trails and cheat so they can get better times. That is sad and takes the fun out of it.

I definitely​ like Strava, and the effect it has on my riding and I love that we all push each other even when we can’t get together to ride.

If you are on Strava give me a follow and we can push each other.

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