Both lanes packed with cars as far as you can see and there is always that one person on the inside lane going a hundred miles an hour trying jump in the tiny gap before they crash into the back of the slower car.

Of course, I’m guilty myself and trying to change by remembering that taking risks like this only save you a few minutes at best. The risk/reward is stacked heavily against you.

4 thoughts on “ Every Busy Two Lane Interstate in America ”

  1. This comment is not completely related to the post, but I think is an interesting thought:

    Here in Chile (I imagine in most countries is the same), the left lane is used only for high speed. People at 57mph should go in the right lane. That way, people who wish to overtake can use the left lane to do it.

    There is a lot of people studying how to optimize the traffic, one of the main problems are the drivers who overtake all the time. If anybody overtakes, and everybody goes at the same speed, the general system is optimized.

    As Knut say’s: premature optimization is the root of all evil. In this case, each driver is trying to optimize his time, making the general system worse.


    1. Here in the US our laws say that slow traffic should keep right but the police never enforce that so it’s typically both lanes going the exact same speed. It’s very annoying 😀


  2. So true and it happens in the UK as well, even on motorways with 3 lanes and it sucks a lot. I’m always seeing people speed along and think to myself “well they’re quick to get to the scene of the accident”.

    What’s funny is that I’m working for a company that is trying to combat over acceleration which will reduce fuel usage, accidents and traffic. ( if you’re interested).

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    1. Just checked out that companies site and that is pretty cool. I always assumed there wouldn’t be a solution until everyone was in self driving cars but that is great you are trying to combat it.


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