Growing up my family would travel somewhere in the southeast every weekend to race motocross. This went on from the early 1990’s to around 2002 when I eventually quit racing.

I have so many great memories from that time of my life and met some amazing people along the way. Last week my dad was rummaging through some boxes and found a few pictures of me racing and I decided to share them on social media.

One of my old racing buddies seen it and it reminded him that he had a bunch of photos of me and we shared contact info and then today I received about a dozen he had.

All of these are from when I was around 13 to 15 which means they are all about 20 years old. It’s hard to believe that they haven’t been thrown out.

I know for him these were probably in the attic and forgotten about but I was very excited when I seen them arrive. These are from a time before selfies and Instagram and I don’t have a ton of photos from back then.

It’s great when you are reminded of the good in the world when so much of what we see and read is negative.

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