I grew up in rural North Carolina on a track of land that measured around five acres. Much of it was wooded with maybe around an acre and half of grass. I have fond memories of fighting my brother to get dibs on mowing it, and it was so exciting for about a month, then I absolutely hated it. From then on I let him cut it.

All that worked fine until we became adults and the first home I bought had a lot of grass. I thought being older I’d enjoy it more but quickly found out that wasn’t the case. I went as far as buying a huge z-mower with a 60″ cut to try to get done faster, but nothing mattered I despised it.

Finally, when I sold that house one of the goals with the next was a smaller yard, and with that came the ability for me to hire out the mowing. After about four weeks I realized how dumb I’d been all my life and it reminds me so much of this quote I saw by Sam Altman:

I don’t think most people value their time enough—I am surprised by the number of people I know who make $100 an hour and yet will spend a couple of hours doing something they don’t want to do to save $20.

It reminded me that logically I should have made this decision 10 years ago, but because of cost, I assumed it was advantageous to just suck it up and keep going.

3 thoughts on “ Mowing the lawn ”

  1. lol, I just got done hedging all my bushes and although I dread it, I typically do landscaping when I have run into an issue with programming and can’t come up with a solution. Getting away from programming and doing something mundane like cutting the grass will typically bring out the R mode side of my brain and this is when a solution is found. If I don’t have any landscaping to do I go for a walk on the beach with my dog and that works also.

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    1. Haha. I will admit I love going on walks for solving problems but something about the fact that grass and the hedges are a constant and always needed weights in me. At least with a walk it’s on my terms and I can decide against it. 😀

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  2. I guess you could look at it in another way. Because you didn’t have to cut the grass, you were able to use that time more effectively for something else, possibly work-related or possibly family related. If it was work related time, then you could probably be making more money then you spent on mowing the lawn.

    You could maybe look into getting one of those automated mowers and see if that’s worth your time/money.


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