I’ve seen some companies are now offering “dumb phones” which are basically cell phones that do two things, phone calls and texts. The idea is to break the habit of being always connected to the internet, games, social media, and anything else that strives for your attention.

The problem is, you still have to carry the thing around, and I think the cellular Apple Watch would be a good alternative to those. With a pair of Airpods and the watch, you’d be able to do almost everything. Make phone calls, text, play music, listen to podcasts. At least, in theory, I think this is possible.

The downside to this idea is Siri, and one example is that Apple refuses to let Siri play songs on Spotify. Of course, there are many other problems with Siri but that alone is enough to make the whole idea a deal breaker for me. Maybe Android watches have the solution?

I think it’s a neat thought experiment to think about ditching the cell phone and still remaining connected to what you need. I just don’t think the tech is there yet for me.

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