Photo Gallery: Walking around USNWC

Every Thursday night the White Water Center in Charlotte NC has what they call River Jam. A different live band each week and lots of people just enjoying being outside and having fun. Last night I went and snapped a few pictures I wanted to share.

Kayakers about to slide into the water.
Dancing to the music
People dancing to the music
A group that just finished a technical section of rapids
A group hitting the rapids sideways
Kayaker going through some aggressive​ rapids.
Rope Bridge
A rope bridge with mountain biker on the trail

Mojave Desktop Backgrounds

Yesterday, Apple announced the new MacOS Mojave and it comes with an awesome day and night picture of the desert. If you’d like to use these now, a user on Reddit shared the source files.

Of course, this is just static images and Mojave will be able to automatically adjust the image based on the time of day. A feature I’m looking forward too.