Google announced today that they are sunsetting Inbox in favor of regular Gmail:

As Gmail continues to improve, we’re bringing the best features from Inbox. In the new Gmail, you’ll find workflows that are similar to your favorite ones in Inbox.

Support for Inbox will conclude in 2019.

On their support page, they include all the things that Gmail can do now that was borrowed from Inbox.

  • Snooze emails
  • Follow-ups (nudges)
  • Hover actions: On your computer, you can point to emails in your inbox and quickly take action, like archiving or marking as read, without opening the email.
  • Smart Reply: Quickly reply to an email using suggested phrases that appear based on the email you received.

I went ahead and started making the transition today and the iOS Gmail app feels pretty nice, but I’m not a big fan of Gmail in the desktop through the browser. It just doesn’t have the same modern feel as Inbox.  Most of all, Gmail has entirely too much red and I find that annoying. The blue that Inbox used was so much nicer on the eyes.

I’m guessing it’s just one of those things that’ll take time to get used to and I’m hoping they keep porting all the features from Inbox. I guess we will all find out in 2019.

4 thoughts on “ Farewell Google Inbox ”

  1. The biggest annoyance I find is that it doesn’t sort into folders and labels like inbox… I relied on that. Snoozing is great! But I don’t like the default folders it has… I have a need to automatically sort so maybe someone will do that…


    1. It’s funny because I was never a real fan of how it bundled things together in the inbox. It felt like that always caused me an extra click just to get to those emails, but I did like how it did trips and vacations.

      I guess the question is, are you going to stick with Gmail or go looking for a third party email app?


      1. I went back to Gmail about a month ago because inbox refused to handle long email chain with out crashing. So for now I’m sticking with Gmail but if something comes along that is new then I might look at it. I need web and app and I prefer to use the same thing for both so Gmail is likely it.


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