Last night, after work I hit the local trails with the goal of riding until dark so I could try out the pair of Lezyne lights I bought. According to this mountain bike light review, the Lezyne seemed to do a good enough job and was the cheaper of the lights tested so I went with it. I was not disappointed.

On my ride, I rode right up until dusk and then turned both lights on (handlebar mounted and helmet mounted) and it instantly made a world of difference. As it continued to get darker the lights really impressed me. The only thing I didn’t expect was the number of bugs flying at your face. I guess I should have thought of this because it’s no different than a car, but it’s much worst when your heart rate is 180 and you are breathing with your mouth open.

I am curious to see if after it’s fully dark if the bugs are less crazy, but I’ll find out soon enough. This is definitely something I want to continue doing through the winter and I’m a little disappointed it has taking me this long to try night riding. I’ve been really missing out.

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