I have an affection for everyday carry items. I love looking at checking out blog posts, or Instagram posts that feature what others carry. Of course, I work from home and half the time I’m in my PJ’s so I don’t carry a lot, but when I do go out here is my current items.


Here is a list of each of the items:

  • Opinel №8 – At $15 it’s an inexpensive knife that gets the job done. It also has a whole subreddit for enthusiasts.
  • Kaweco Fountain Pen – This was recommended to me by a friend and I absolutely love it. They make cheaper versions with plastic cases but there is something satisfying about having something with the nicks and scratches you put on it.
  • iPhone XS – I’ve been happy with this phone and love the camera.
  • Apple Airpods – These things are amazing.
  • Duckbill Money Clip – I just got this money clip based on a recommendation and it lives up to the hype. It’s the easiest clip I’ve used to get your money in and out. Just be warned shipping is a little slow. It took two weeks for it to arrive.

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