I’m not huge on looking on stats but about once a month I try to go through some and see where traffic is coming from, what posts are popular and attempt to get a general feel on what’s resonating with people.

While looking today I looked at referrers for the past 90 days and was blown away how much was still from search. Here is a pie chart showing the breakdown.


Referrers for 90 Days


  • 76% is search
  • 9% is WordPress Android (not sure what this is)
  • 6% Twitter
  • 4% Facebook
  • 4% Linkedin

These stats are all from a site that has almost 50,000 Twitter followers, 27,000 Facebook, and 16,000 Linkedin.

I find it interesting because so often when you work hours on a post and then it doesn’t get any traction on social media, you feel demoralized. Just remember social traffic is only getting a portion of your followers and it’s always fleeting. Keep your head down and keep working.

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