I’ve tried to use Siri more and use it for common tasks but every time I feel like I get burned. Today is a prime example. I had my phone on my desk and AirPods in. When I went to get a cup of coffee I decided I wanted to listen to some different music.

Hey Siri, play 80’s music…


Really?! You couldn’t find any music from the 80’s? Jack McDade would weep.

I thought okay. I’ll try something else. How about, “Play some Drake”…


My phone was not on me at the time, it was sitting in my office so I couldn’t “open music”, but if I’m driving isn’t the whole point not to be looking at your phone?

I guess I’m expecting too much out of Siri but I feel like this small common tasks should be easy things for it to handle. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong.


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