“I Turned Out Fine”

“I got bullied as a kid, I turned out fine, it teaches you to be tough”

“My family was verbally abusive, I turned out fine, it teaches you to argue your point”

“I didn’t get vaccinated, I turned out fine, my kids don’t need those shots”

In your opinion you turned out fine, and you are the one defining “fine”. If you are still breathing you think you turned out fine.

Because we all have such a narrow perspective on our own life it’s difficult to know if we could have turned out better or had our life made easier by not having to experience the negative that we now think is fine.

My Hand Surgery

I just finished having hand surgery and many people are asking me about it. Instead of writing the same thing over and over I’ll just make a blog post with all the details so I can easily share it.

I shattered my pinkie finger and ring finger and the goal was to put some pins in today and then send me on my way. It was worst than they thought and the bones were so crushed and dislocated that they had to cut my hand open and remove some of the bones.

After that they still had to insert three pins and into the middle finger bones for stability.

Before the operation they put a nerve block in my arm so I’m currently feeling no pain but I know it’s coming once it wears off.

My hand in a foam box to protect it.

I’m in a soft cast for two weeks then will be put into a hard cast. The most unfortunate thing is they are going to cast all the fingers together except my pointer and thumb. That’s pretty grim for typing.

After all this I’ll have to do physical therapy and will still probably get arthritis. Fun!

All in all I’m doing pretty well but I’ll know more tomorrow once the nerve block ends and the pain begins. Thanks to everyone that has checked in on me. I appreciate it.

p.s. This post is written and published with a cellphone and that still amazes me.

Teaching Through Everyday Life

I live in a neighborhood that has a home owners association which is fairly common in America. It is responsible for keeping up the shared public space, some of the infrastructure, etc. every year the bylaws require them to send out a financial summary for the next year. Included with these is an estimated operating budget and budgeted numbers which looks a profit and loss statement.

My kids are at the age where they have a grasp on basic math so I figured it’d be a good opportunity to explain how this works to them. At first the sheer amount of numbers in the page overwhelmed them but as we broke it down they could grasp it.

Later in life this might be beneficial to them or it might not, but it was a lot of fun for me spending five minutes showing them how it worked.

I can still remember when my elders would show me things that I’d never thought about before and those moments of teaching has remained in my memory since. Even if you think something is outside a child’s knowledge try to explain it in a way that they can understand. It’ll help you more than them.

Creating Autographed e-books with the iPad

I’ve personally never had an autographed book but always wanted one. It seems as the world is switching from physical books to ebooks autographed copies are going to be a thing of the past. In digital form an autograph isn’t something unique.

I was intrigued when I came across this post from Matt Gemmell on how he is doing autographs with his iPad.

Because I self-publish and thus generate the ebooks myself, I have full control of the process. My iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is the idea tool for not only inscribing and signing book covers in an efficient (and eco-friendly!) way, but also actually building and delivering the resulting beautiful personalised digital novel.

First, I have to do the actual signing. I use the Apple Pencil for this, and the regular Photos app. I have an album that contains just the clean cover art for each book, and when I get an order, I duplicate the relevant cover. Then I open the Markup interface to actually sign it.

He also personalizes each autograph copy with a message so it is unique which in my opinion makes it worth while. It wouldn’t make since to only autograph in this format.

While on the subjects of ebooks I’m still amazed at still how bad the tooling is to generate all the formats. Even in this’d post Matt says he can export to ePub but then has to switch to a separate desktop app to generate the Kindle format. Makes me really wish they would have all agreed on a standard like HTML is to the web.

Creating Comics

My kids love reading the comics from the local paper. Every morning I set it aside for them and after one has read them my one hoarder daughter takes them to her to save. I’m not sure why. Haha

We’ve been talking for weeks about create our comic strip and its been a real challenge. We will come up with something funny, but then can’t draw it. Or what we can draw we can’t make it funny.

I came across a few comics in other styles like the Oatmeal and I enjoyed how they make learning something fun. I decided to try my hand at this style with a simple evergreen Laravel topic. I just fired up the notes app and drew this out in a few minutes.

I’m going to try and make more of these because I think they are super fun and give me something to share. That’s what I love about being a creator.


Today in America we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and it’s always a big tradition where you eat lunch and dinner with family and for a lot of people it’s visiting with extended family that you might not have seen since last year.

I always enjoy this holiday as a reflection of the past and to look at some of the decisions that has led to this particular moment in time. If one thing would have been different I might not be exactly where I am.

I want to personally thank you today. No matter how we differ I believe we each make each other stronger.

Thank you!

Spam Phone Calls

“despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage” — Smashing Pumpkins

Social media sites know that we are all just rats in a cage and they tempt us to keep coming back with notifications of all the people that likes, favorites, or comments on our stuff. They know what will keep you coming back for another hit and they do everything they can to keep it flowing. No one wants the party to stop.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is our telephone providers. All they care about is routing the phone calls to your number. They don’t care if it’s your grandmother or a robocaller. Because they don’t filter, most of the notifications, (phone calls), they send are junk. They are training us not to answer unless it’s from someone in our address book.

The problem with this is when a call is important we have no way of knowing unless we take the risk to answer, and the odds are not in your favor.