Flickr was THE place to upload and share photos until Yahoo bought it and ruined it, much like they did Tumblr and everything else they touched.

A few months ago it was announced that Smugmug was buying Flickr and was to keep it going and then a few weeks it announced pro plans and a limit on the number of free photos you could have. To me, it feels like they are making a sincere effort to buck the trend of having you and your data as the product.

I’m all for this and with Facebook in the news so much this year about its scandals you know they are doing the same with Instagram. I prefer to be done with them, and I’ve basically left Facebook but still using Instagram because I haven’t found a decent alternative.

When I started checking out Flickr again the first thing I noticed was that it still used Yahoo login and registration system which gave me second thoughts about continuing. Especially considering how inept Yahoo has been on the security front. I ended up biting the bullet and reinstating my old account with the hopes they will be totally moving away from Yahoo.

What I’m enjoying with Flickr is how it feels like a professional tool with the focus on managing all your photos. Compared to something like Instagram where, to me, it feels the focus is on likes and interactions. Granted Instagram is simpler with less to think about, upload and go, but Flickr allows this too if you want, but it shines in uploading a bunch of photos all at once.  That is what I like and makes it easy to go back and relive the experience.  

I’m going to give Flickr a real chance and go all in on it for the rest of the year and see how it goes. If you are on it, give me a follow

Some of my current favorites

For more of my photos check out my Flickr page.

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