As I wrote about yesterday, I broke my hand and I created that post typing it out entirely on my iPhone. This morning I did the same thing on Laravel News and now I’m writing this post the same way.

I find typing with one hand to be pretty difficult on a traditional keyboard but with the one on the phone I can fly. All those years of texting really pays off when you find in situations where you might only have one hand to use.

Even though I’m finding typing on the iPhone great there are still things that I’ll need in a normal workday that I’m going to struggle with and all of those are related to php. Just try to type ‘<?php echo ‘test’; ?>’ on a phone keyboard. It’s pretty dreadful.

Outside of my little annoyances I’m most amazed at the creator studio we all carry around in our pockets. I’m able to go from an idea to publishing in minutes and I can do everything from writing, to editing, to photography, and even video and video editing. All in this device that fits in my hand. That is amazing.

I know many people are going iPad as their primary device but I’m willing to bet those same people could even go a step further and go iPhone only. Granted the small screen might be annoying but I’m not sure you could have a more portable device. I guess it does lack the pencil support so I do see the benefit of the iPad.

If you would have told me twenty years ago that today I’d be publishing blog posts and taking pictures that could compete with a professional I’d think you are nuts.

It makes me think of people born in the late 1800’s who could have went from no power and outhouses, to lights, toilets, cars, and even flight. All within a 50 year timespan.

As many people are looking back and trying to relive a past I’m excited to see what the next twenty years will bring.

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