“despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage” — Smashing Pumpkins

Social media sites know that we are all just rats in a cage and they tempt us to keep coming back with notifications of all the people that likes, favorites, or comments on our stuff. They know what will keep you coming back for another hit and they do everything they can to keep it flowing. No one wants the party to stop.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is our telephone providers. All they care about is routing the phone calls to your number. They don’t care if it’s your grandmother or a robocaller. Because they don’t filter, most of the notifications, (phone calls), they send are junk. They are training us not to answer unless it’s from someone in our address book.

The problem with this is when a call is important we have no way of knowing unless we take the risk to answer, and the odds are not in your favor.

4 thoughts on “ Spam Phone Calls ”

  1. Your thoughts about phone providers. I have been thinking a lot about MailChimp. I tried to ask them for a full list of the list my mail is subscribed to, and all I got was full of encrypted csvs with numbers on them.

    Make a lot of sense that one, as a customer should have the ability to see where you are subscribed to and be able to cancel any subscription you want. but nobody provides that.

    People should be able to choose what kind of spam we receive. If really bored of getting spam I never signed for 😦


      1. Yeah, Gmail is powerful enough to solve this, but, what bothers me is: this is like when people blame the victim instead of the guilty.

        I’m only complaining because I think it’s wrong 🙂


        1. Haha totally agree. When I originally wrote this post I was thinking about third party apps that can solve the phone call problem but we shouldn’t have to rely on that.


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