After spending some time on the iPad one annoying problem I had was the fingerprints on the screen. I tried everything to keep it clean but it was a loosing battle. Finally, I decided enough was enough and went searching for screen protectors and found one named PaperLike.

It’s marketing page said it makes your iPad feel more like paper when you are writing and drawing with the pencil, but it also acts as a screen protector, reduces glare, and prevents fingerprints.

It’s fairly expensive at $33 and I was hesitant to buy it. Before spending the money I asked on social media and a few people chimed in saying how good it was. So that was the tipping point for me to get it. Based on my searching around for reviews I did see some forum threads where people said you can get other screen protectors that work almost as good, but I think about the old motto, “buy it nice, or buy it twice”.

It took a few days for delivery and it arrived in a cardboard package ready to take out and use. I watched their video tutorial and starting the install process. It was actually pretty easy to install, but you have to be very careful about dust. I have one spot where I left a piece of dust and PaperLike now has a bubble around that spot. Luckily they included an extra in the package so I can try again later.

In those first two minutes I felt like I had a totally new device. The best way I can describe it is imagine your iPad is a bright yellow Lamborghini. It’s shiny, it demands attention. After installing PaperLike the bright yellow Lamborghini turns into a flat black edition.

Lambo’s found via Google Image search

It tones down the brightness, reduces glare, and for me it is just a better iPad experience. It feels easier on my eyes.

So far all of those features are secondary to what it’s really designed for, and that is writing with the pencil. I wouldn’t say it’s really paper like, but it does have more drag on the tip of the pencil. So writing is more life like. It is definitely an improvement over the glass screen, but for me the anti glare and zero finger prints make it worth the money. The writing experience is just a bonus.

At the end of the day I totally recommend this product and I can see myself buying it every time I get a new device. For more information and for buying information head over to the PaperLike website.

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