I recently got a new MacBook Pro, and this is my first time with the Touch Bar style of keyboard. First, let me say I love this machine so far, it’s been running all the huge apps without trouble and I haven’t heard the fans spin up once. I’m sure this will end after a few months, but right now it’s fantastic.

Now the Touch Bar is a different story. It’s just annoying and feels like a gimmick. Not having a “real” escape is grim but worse than that is the touch id. I’ve been using an iPad Pro and the face to unlock is so much nicer than the touch id.

Apple should go back to a real keyboard and use Face ID on all the Mac’s. It’s so much faster and better as a user.

6 thoughts on “ Macbook Touch Bar ”

  1. I brought an MBP with touch bar last year, at the beginning I thought “I can get used to this”. As a Vim user, the ESC key is really important. But I was wrong ):, one year later, I still have troubles when I randomly touch the touch bar and another menu opens and the ESC key disappears and then I try to type ESC and it doesn’t work.

    It doesn’t annoy me too much I can live with it, but it make me thinks, I can’t see, how the touch bar is better than a traditional keyboard. Anyway, love seeing apple and other companies trying new stuffs, even when they don’t work 🙂


    1. I could be just a pesimist ​about it 🙂 but I do think all the huge apps (docker, photoshop, phpstorm) start slowing them down. My older Macbook used to run fine but now about two years later it struggles so hard.


        1. You know I’ve never really thought about it and I don’t know much about hardware. I always assumed ever new version of software just adds more and more stuff causing it. Sounds like we need to hire myth busters to solve this.


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