A few years ago I remember I’d be in a conversation with my parents and they would ask me about some person. Proudly I’d say what they are doing now and how I keep up with them from Facebook.

Flash forward to this weekend and we had the exact same conversation in reverse. I asked about an old family friend that I haven’t seen in years and they both told me details about their life, their recent vacations, and more.

I’m actually glad I quit Facebook because it was cool to hear about them but I think all the time I’ve not wasted scrolling through that feed looking at people I’ve not seen in years.

3 thoughts on “ Not on Facebook? ”

  1. The only reason why I’m still on facebook is that I don’t have cable TV, facebook is the only source of news I have now. Even though facebook is bad in so many things but I still prefer it over TV news.


    1. That is interesting and I suspect it’s because of your location. The only news I’ve found on it was from people sharing outragous news stories. Instead, I read the local and national paper. I forget how lucky we are that we can do that and somewhat trust the reporting.


      1. All news sources here are fake. I trust news I read from people I know on facebook more than from news sources. I don’t really care about political news (I don’t even know the names of our prime minister or any of the cabinet members). I just want to know if there’s a new tax regulation, change in traffic laws, etc.. something that I need to take care of or take action, more than this I don’t care 🙂

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