A few years ago, 2016 according to my projects page, I launched a site named dotdev. The original goal was a developer magazine, but that didn’t really work out, so then it turned into a Medium publication where I curate web development tutorials. Due to Medium’s constant changes, I decided sticking with them was not a great idea so I moved all the articles I had written over to a WordPress install and just left it sitting.
I’ve been thinking about it ever since and finally decided its time for me make use of the site and I’m going to officially relaunch it on Monday. Instead of developer tutorials, it’s going to be a site dedicated to bringing you cool developer tools and news. There are so many neat apps, code, and products that I come across that I’d really love to share them but I don’t have a great outlet for that. So dotdev is going to be that place. The goal is to curate and highlight products that I think are cool and each post will be short and to the point, so it’ll be easily digestible​.


The site will continue to be on WordPress and I’m using Tailwind CSS to create the theme with the help of Jason Beggs. I wanted something super minimal and the goal right now is to just get content out and stick with it. I plan to improve it as time goes on and I’m setting little milestones so when I hit one I’ll spend more time improving it.

If developer tools and resource are something of interest to you be sure and follow dotdev through RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or Email.

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