We all know the mantra, own your space yet we all seem to love our walled gardens. At first it was Medium and we all gave them content only for them to take advantage of it. Instead of learning our lesson now everyone seems to be moving to dev.to or whatever flavor of the month is.

Social media is no better, just today I seen someone on Twitter who had their account revoked because of too many dmca takedown requests and fake complaints. They lost years worth of stuff they posted on it, lost all the followers, etc.

I know creating your own space is hard especially because it feels like your writing and no one is going to read it. Lately, I’ve actually been hunting for personal blogs and I’ve found a lot of great stuff.

If you have a personal blog let me know in the comments as I’d love to give it a follow in my RSS reader. I’m looking for the unique sites, not just programming and tech, but blogs across the board. If you are interested in and write about fishing, raising kids, making art, anything, I’d like to read it. Post a comment below so others can find it.

10 thoughts on “ Personal Blogs? ”

  1. Hey there it’s serendipitous that I came across this, I literally just started my first personal blog super exciting thing I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, just a few posts 0 followers I don’t even know how to share my blog yet but maybe this comment will help you find it ? Fingers crossed 🍀 But I agree with what your saying…the thing that’s frustrating to me is the fact that in this day in age there seems to be almost a fascination with drama. It doesn’t matter if nothing negative is actually happening but there is always someone who can point out or create something negative. Just the other day I read a post on Instagram that was about a famous white woman who was attacked socially after a picture was posted of her where she had blonde hair up in pig tails & tons of small twist braids & the issue was that her hairstyle is apparently a traditional African American common hairstyle but to me it’s like seriously this should be part of being an American that you have the real freedoms to do what you want and say what you want as long as it doesn’t physically cause harm to others her hairstyle shouldn’t be considered like a racist issue to base attacking her she looked great the hairstyle was badass. Everyone should be able to do any hairstyle without being ridiculed whatsoever. Anyways there’s my comment ☺️🍀💚🌞 Hope to gain some followers & good vibes y’all 🥰


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