Today I received the following email…


As I was blazing through my inbox, my first reaction to fire off a quick yes, but then just as I started to reply I noticed the “There” was capitalized. That threw up a flag to my brain, then as I thought for 10 seconds I came to the conclusion that no one with good faith would email this question. Instead, they would say you have a broken link on this page.

I deleted this email and didn’t reply, but they almost got me. Of course, now I’m going to spend all day wondering what the goal of this email actually was? Maybe they just wanted to see if the email address they sent it to was active. Who knows.

2 thoughts on “ Does it pass the smell test? ”

  1. I have mailed (or tweeted) blog owners in the past to notify them about some issues with their blog but they never replied, so I have never done it again. I assumed they didn’t care about it and stop notifying content creators about those things.

    Spam has turned the internet into an awful place :/


    1. That is interesting. I usually try to reply to any request if it’s legit like that, but I know on Twitter accounts with lots of followers I have to turn off notifications so I do miss things. But yes, spam is terrible for the whole internet.


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