I think reading is essential, and I want to pass on the love of it to my kids. Last year I had the idea of a new program in our household, every first day of the month I would buy them a new book, and it could be 100% their choice. I didn’t care if it’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar or an autobiography of Gandhi. Any book they want, I’ll buy it for them.

It gives us something to look forward to every month, and I think it’s pretty exciting seeing their choices. Right now, one is loving illustrated books, and the other is into fiction.

This month my oldest wanted the Hunger Games, so I got her the box set. I’m pretty sure that she is attempting to beat the system, but I’m not going to complain that it’s three instead of one.

One thought on “ Buying the Kids a Book a Month ”

  1. Hi Erik,

    Great idea.

    We have used the same system for two years now, every Monday instead of every month (younger children, so shorter books). Monday has quickly become the favorite day of the week, far behind Saturday (swimming pool) and Sunday (big board games). For our budget, second hand books are required.

    We recently subscribed to a daily newspaper (4 x A5 pages), in order to go from fiction to facts. Then we noticed that many words were new to our child and we spend more time explaining words than facts. Seems an important step too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Please continue,


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