Lately, I’ve gotten a few spam emails from a person claiming they want to sell a domain that is related to one I own. Here is a sample email:


We intend to unload one of our cherished assets,


Would you be keen to discuss this?
This is priced in 3 figures ($199 to $999).
If interested in owning this domain, feel free to contact me.

Of course it looks and feels like spam, but I decided I’d just run a quick whois on the domain mentioned and it wasn’t even registered. I’m going to assume if I said I’d buy it then they would register it for the $12 or w/e and then sell it to me for the amount offered, or more likely they’d just keep my money.

The main reason I’m sharing this is because I thought it was a pretty interesting angle. They have zero invested and just wait for the suckers to come along.

One thought on “ Domain Selling Scam ”

  1. I’ve gotten these too. I’m tempted to register the offered domain under a pseudonym, then email them back like a week later (so it doesn’t look suspicious) and insist that I’m eager to buy the domain from them for $900 right away. Then they would be the suckers, after realizing they just missed out on an easy $900.

    I can’t help wonder what their reply would be. After all, they’d have to come up with some kind of excuse to explain away why they could no longer sell it. Most likely I wouldn’t even get a response.


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