With what appears to be the demise of 3rd party Twitter clients one feature that I’ve sorely missed is multiple panes all with my different lists open. It’s how I’ve read Twitter for years and for me it was a nice simple way to stay up to date with random things from a quick scroll through.

Since that is gone and probably never coming back I found a little workaround using Feedbin to subscribe to my saved lists. Plus this also has a secondary advantage:

Feedbin treats tweets differently. The idea of the feature is to fully unpack the tweet. If a tweet links to an article, Feedbin will attempt to load the full article and display it alongside the tweet. Feedbin will also include full-size images, videos and gifs with native YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram embeds.

Here is an example of a Tweet from Leo Babauta from Zen Habits with his article inline:

Now I can just open up Feedbin, scroll through everything new and I’m seeing the same content, better formatted than I ever did with Twitter app.

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