I remember loving playing video games when I was just a little lad. I’d stay up and play Doom on my Sega when I was supposed to be in bed. Then having nightmares of a monster saying, “it is well hidden,” before murdering me. My parents never understood why I loved video games and why I’d rather play those than go outside. Honestly, I still don’t understand but I chalked it up to just being the way I am.

Now, as a parent, I get to experience the same thing. My kids love certain games and I am terrible at them. So I get to lean on them to help me play and solve the puzzles. A lot of it boils down to me not having unlimited time to dedicate to them, but another part is I’d rather them experience the joy that comes from teaching me.

As parents, we are expected to teach and lead our children, but as they grow, more can be taught to kids by reversing the roles and letting them become the master in certain areas. Video games are one of these ways. What better enjoyment as a parent than seeing your kid light up as they explain something they’ve figured out without you?

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