I was lucky enough to attend my first ever practice day in Augusta at the Masters and one of the unique features of this tournament is a no electronic devices, including cell phones, policy. It was wild walking around and not seeing a single person all consumed by looking at their screen. Everyone was just in the moment enjoying the day.

The one thing I noticed was I kept checking my pocket for my phone. Or would be wondering about something and not being able to do a quick search. Or even not take a quick photo of the amazing scenery.

The only real downside was the logistics of keeping up with your friends. With 50,000 patrons on the course you have to really pay attention to your group or tell each other to meet at a certain spot at a certain time to regroup.

It was really refreshing and something I want to try to do more of from time to time. Just leave the phone behind and stop having it as a crutch for when I’m bored for two seconds.

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