Breaking Routines

There are very few classes from college that I remember, and out of the ones I do remember, only one I’ve thought about since and that was personal finance. At the time, it was a required class for the degree I pursued and I wasn’t very excited about it. My parents taught me about the […]

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Programming on an iPad

Since breaking my hand I’ve been struggling to find a workflow that really suits me, but one thing that I’ve found extremely helpful is the autocomplete and predictive typing from iOS. It’s been really helpful in quick communications like email, slack, Twitter, etc.. Plus the keyboard is smaller making those weird key combinations easier one […]

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Siblings Fighting

I have two kids and one thing is guaranteed, if they are off playing by themselves its just as matter of time before they are fighting. I usually let them work it out, but when it escalates to a certain point they usually come screaming for me or my wife. Of course, not being in […]

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