Today in America we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and it’s always a big tradition where you eat lunch and dinner with family and for a lot of people it’s visiting with extended family that you might not have seen since last year. I always enjoy this holiday as a reflection of the past and to […]

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Spam Phone Calls

“despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage” — Smashing Pumpkins Social media sites know that we are all just rats in a cage and they tempt us to keep coming back with notifications of all the people that likes, favorites, or comments on our stuff. They know what will keep […]

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Flickr was THE place to upload and share photos until Yahoo bought it and ruined it, much like they did Tumblr and everything else they touched. A few months ago it was announced that Smugmug was buying Flickr and was to keep it going and then a few weeks it announced pro plans and a […]

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There is an old saying, “you are the sum of your friends” and it’s true. If most of your friends workout, you are probably going to workout. If most do drugs, chances are you’ll be doing drugs. Although I’ve heard this saying for many years and have always believed it, I have never experienced it […]

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