Vanity Fair: How Twitter Lost the Internet War

How Twitter Lost the Internet War:

At the same time, her defenders say, Harvey has been forced to clean up a mess that Twitter should have fixed years ago. Twitter’s backend was initially built on Ruby on Rails, a rudimentary web-application framework that made it nearly impossible to find a technical solution to the harassment problem. If Twitter’s co-founders had known what it would become, a third former executive told me, “you never would have built it on a Fisher-Price infrastructure.” Instead of building a product that could scale alongside the platform, former employees say, Twitter papered over its problems by hiring more moderators. “Because this is just an ass-backward tech company, let’s throw non-scalable, low-tech solutions on top of this low-tech, non-scalable problem.”

If only Twitter would have built that first version with (Java|PHP|C|Go) they would have no problems. Every day​ at Twitter would be like interacting with unicorns and rainbows.

Keeping an Analog log book

This year I’ve started keeping a daily analog log book, that is inspired by Austin Kleon’s post, and this is the first time I’ve tracked what I do every day. Or rather what is important enough to write down every day.

The year is still early so I’ve only done it for a month and a half now but it really inspires me to focus on what matters to me, to spend a few minutes each reflecting on the day, and to practice my awesome drawing skills. What is great though is it’s not a full fledge diary and by using a very small notebook you are restricted to just the highlights. It makes it easy to skim through and remember certain days.

Iron Gold – Red Rising Book 4

June 2016 is when I started the Red Rising series and I was an instant fan. The series is fast paced and a ton of fun. After finishing the first three I heard a new book was underway and it finally came out this year and I just finished it.

Iron Gold is set in the future from book three and it feels a lot like a build up book where we are getting introduced to new characters that will continue the series through the next books. I felt a little let down by this book and I know it’s because much more is coming, but to me, ​it didn’t have that excitement as the first three. It left me wanting a lot more.

I have a lot of hope for this series and I’m sure I’ll preorder book 5 as soon as it’s announced but now is a good time to start if you haven’t yet. The first three do not disappoint​.

Twitter Announces EOL for Mac App

Yesterday, Twitter announced it was going to abandon the official Twitter Mac App and as a user of Tweetdeck I don’t care that much. However, I noticed a few weeks ago I tried to respond to a person with an animated GIF and it completely failed. It didn’t even include the @ account of the person I was replying too. I’m what I would consider a power user and at that point the app made me look an idiot to all of my followers and I was honestly a little frustrated.

I do worry Twitter is starting down a slippery slope. I don’t use Facebook because on the Mac they want you to use the browser and you are forced to use a feed that isn’t chronological. Twitter has remained my go-to​ ​because third-party​ apps allow me to get the experience I desire. I’m worried it’s just a matter of time until that isn’t the case and then I’ll be forced to either adapt or quit. The latter​ being way more convenient and probably better for me overall​.

I would miss my friends but I’m sure we’d figure something out to stay in touch.

Have I been pwned?

Have I been pwned? is a service by Troy Hunt that keeps a list of all publicly leaked breaches and allows you to enter your email and see if you’ve been pwned.


Then it’ll tell each breach your email has been involved in. This is great for then running an audit against your password to make sure you didn’t reuse the one with a pwned service on other​ sites. (You are using different passwords for each account, right? If not, start today.)

The site also offers a “Notify Me” feature that will automatically email you anytime a new breach is discovered with your email in it. I received​ an email this morning from this and it reminded me how useful this service really is. If you haven’t signed up for that it’s worth doing.

Ken Roczen’s Supercross 2018 Crash

Since watching this crash live last Saturday I’ve been thinking about what a dumb move it was on the part of Roczen. Of course, I don’t really fault him because I’ve been there and done that.

When someone slights you, in this case, a block pass in the previous corner, your initial reaction is 100% anger and you snap. All you can think about is getting them back and you will do everything in your power to do that.

Just as the video shows this is never a good idea. In this crash, ​Roczen’s arm went inside the other guy’s​ swingarm and from what I’ve heard he broke his arm and got some nasty wheel burns. His season is over.

I keep comparing the reaction Roczen had to what I’ve seen with Ryan Dungey. Dungey would have let them have the position, would have remained calm, and he had this uncanny ability to focus on the championship. Not the individual race.

The next time you get slighted and you feel like snapping just remember the end goal. If you blow your top chances are you’ll do way more damage than taking a step back and addressing the situation through clear eyes.

Apple AirPods

I’ve been an Apple fan since I moved from Windows XP to the Mac and I’ve never looked back. Having stuff “just work” was the main reason and after all these years they’ve really not let me down.

The newest product that I got last year is the AirPods and they are by far the best headphones I’ve ever owned. From the simplicity of the charging case to the sturdiness of how they remain in your ears. They are a fantastic product.

I use them while working, while mountain biking, running, anything and everything in between and they just magically stay in your ears. It’s uncanny.

My only complaint is the case and headphones do not hook into “find my iPhone” and although I’ve never had a problem of losing mine I always have that worry in the back of my mind, especially with their premium price.

I will say they are the best piece of tech I bought in 2017 and they just work.