Today is my thirty-ninth birthday and what better way to celebrate than sharing thirty-nine things I’ve learned over the years: If it’s out of your control you shouldn’t worry about it. People can’t take emotion out of the law or contacts. Every night reflect on your day Pen and paper will outlast digital When dating […]

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My First MTB Race

Yesterday I raced in my first MTB race. Well I guess first isn’t completely accurate because I did do a short 5-mile race about 20 years ago, but that was it and it’s been so long ago that experience has been pushed out of my mind. The one yesterday was called King of Goat Hill […]

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Mowing the lawn

I grew up in rural North Carolina on a track of land that measured around five acres. Much of it was wooded with maybe around an acre and half of grass. I have fond memories of fighting my brother to get dibs on mowing it, and it was so exciting for about a month, then […]

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